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Samverkansforum has been established for state property developers and property managers. It is an association of government agencies and enterprises engaged in building or managing real estate, buildings and other facilities. For some of them, building construction and property management are their main operations, while in other cases these activities assume a lesser role.

Samverkansforum has eight members: the National Fortifications Administration, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the National Heritage Board, the Riksdag Administration, Specialfastigheter, the National Property Board and Swedish national grid. Altogether, the members represent properties etc with buildings covering almost 10 million hectares, 15,000 km of power lines and 8 million hectares of land, which is around 17 per cent of the area of Sweden.

Samverkansforum was established in 2001 following a government directive to develop the property developer role by improving property developer coordination within government administration. The aim is to achieve a broad exchange of experience and development on common issues among state property developers and property managers. Samverkansforum is intended to help state building construction and property management to establish best practice both within Sweden and in an international perspective.

The vision for the activities of Samverkansforum is expressed as:

The right approach to state building construction and management

This means satisfied customers and effective products, which is achieved by ensuring that state buildings and facilities and related services meet the requirements of society and users alike.

The right approach-vision is intended to engender commitment and cooperation among those involved so as to achieve constructive development in state building construction and property management, and to stimulate others operating in the sector.

The activities of Samverkansforum span a broad range of areas, from technological development, procurement, regulations and contracts, occupational health and safety to architecture, cultural environment and sustainable development. Our approach is holistic, key elements being cooperation, feedback and identification of best practice. Samverkansforum exchanges experience via various networks and carries out development projects in areas of interest to its members. Project results are published in reports and are used within the organisations of its members.

More about Samverkansforums members
The National Property Board (SFV, Statens fastighetsverk) - the authority responsible for administration of State-owned buildings like palaces and royal parks, theatres and museums, embassies as well as property comprising one seventh of the total land mass of Sweden. SFV carries out new building projects which are representative for the nation.
The National Fortifications Administration (Fortifikationsverket) - the main task is to supply the Armed Forces in peacetime, wartime and in situations of crisis with well adapted fortifications installations, ordinary buildings and constructions as well as airfields, training ground and artillery ranges.
- The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA, Naturvårdsverket) - a central environmental authority with main tasks to co-ordinate and promote environmental work on both a national and international level. SEPA is also responsible national parks and nature reserves and the buildings situated there.
The National Heritage Board (Riksantikvarieämbetet) - the mission is to play a proactive, coordinating role in heritage promotion efforts and to ensure that the historic environment is preserved in the most effective possible manner.
Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) (Sjöfartsverket) - The primary tasks include responsibility for providing infrastructural services in the form of safe and accessible fairways to meet the needs of shipping.
Specialfastigheter - a state utility with task to own and administrate special kind of properties for official use like police stations, prisons and special schools.
- Riksdagsförvaltningen - the authority responsible for service to the Parliament, including to provide the Parliament and its members with appropriate premises and dwellings.
- Swedish national grid (Svenska Kraftnät) - a state utility that administers and runs the national electrical grid which in total consists of approximately 15,000 kilometres of 200 kV and 400 kV lines plus installations, interconnections to neighbouring countries and IT systems.

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